Below is a list of current investments, for which either specialist companies or strategic stakeholders are sought.

Code Offer / Description Principal seeks Investment
FK5612 Swiss Company Acquisition
European Family Office wishes to allocate assets to Switzerland through the acquisition of a minority stake in a profitable well-run Swiss company.
Participation 100 million CHF
FK5613 Financial Services Sector Acquisitions - Switzerland
Private asset management firm seeking acquisition of other firms and portfolios in the AUM CHF 500 to 600 million range.
Businesses 500-600 million CHF
FK5614 Company Acquisition - French Switzerland
Private European buyer seeks a profitable company in Suisse Romande, preferably in the food or distribution business. Full buy out only.
Business 10 million CHF
FK5615 Food Sector Acquisitions - Global
A leading, family owned, multinational food conglomerate wishes to acquire leading primary producers of comestible oils and dry foods (rice. flour).
Businesses N/A
FK5616 Entrepreneur seeks to buy a Swiss "Health Science" company with potential
A businessman with proven international industrial entrepreneurial competence and track record seeks to acquire a smaller company for active further development. The strengths of the prospective buyer lie in the field of business development and leadership of medium-sized companies. His specific industrial knowledge include the chemical, pharmaceutical and consumer goods industries. Established companies in the "Health Science" industries are of interest. The preferred segments include OTC, Generics, Nutrition, Cosmetics, Medtech, Diagnostics, Agro, Animal Heath and Nutrition. Research and contract research companies as well as start-up companies will not be considered. Companies with development potential and location in Switzerland (all regions) are preferred. The foreseen equity capital will allow a transaction value of up to 15 mio. CHF, depending on the transaction model.
Business 15 million CHF
FK5617 Logistics Sector Acquisitions - Europe
A China-based Listed Company, seeks European multi-modal operators specializing in Asia-Europe trade with revenues of US$ 100 million plus. Majority control is required.
Businesses N/A
FK5618 Luxury Sector Acquisitions - Italy
lnvestment group seeks mid-sized (up to 20 million € sales) luxury goods companies, principally in Italy. Focus on watches & jewelry, wine, other luxury food niches and small hotel & spa chains.
Businesses 20 million
FK5619 Leather Goods Acquisitions, Up Market - Europe
Private client seeks to acquire a top end leather goods manufacturer, including shoe manufacturers. Value up to 100 million €.
Business 100 million
FK5620 Luxury Sector Acquisitions - Europe
Private client wishes to acquire long-term passive minority interests in well-run European luxury goods companies. Minimum investment is likely to be in excess of 100 million CHF.
Participations 100 million
FK5621 Luxury Sector Acquisitions - Europe
Private client seeks luxury product companies for investment and expansion into Middle East markets. Value 50 million CHF and over.
Businesses 50 million CHF
FK5622 Luxury Sector Acquisitions - Europe
Private client seeks to invest in luxury product design and manufacturing sectors.
Businesses N/A
FK5623 Media and Advertising Acquisition - Europe
Family Office wishes to invest in media and advertising sector. Value 130 million €.
Participations 130 million
FK5624 Toy Sector Acquisition - Europe / America
A Hong Kong company with a low-cost manufacturing base seeks brand name toy companies with distribution power. Full buy-out. EV up to 65 million U$.
Participations 65 million U$
FK5625 Commercial Property Acquisitions - USA
German buyer seeks prestigious commercial buildings in top locations in New York, Chicago, Boston & Denver. Property values 100 million U$ and over.
Property 100 million U$
FK5626 Commercial Propertv Acquisitions - USA
German investment group seeks Texas commercial real estate in Houston, Dallas & Austin. Property values 15-25 million U$.
Property 15-25 million U$
FK5627 Commercial Property Acquisitions - Middle East
Private investors seek well-located commercial buildings or projects in Egypt, the Gulf and Lebanon. Size 20-100 million U$.
Property 20-100 million U$
FK5628 Commercial Property Acquisitions - Europe
Israeli buyer seeks mixed commercial 1 residential 1 retail property acquisitions in Europe. Properties must be rented. Property values 20 million € and over.
Property 20 million
FK5629 Winter Sports Clothing Acquisition - Europe
German sport clothing group seeks to acquire a European ski clothing manufacturer. Well-established or small with good potential.
Business N/A
FK5630 Home Textiles Acquisitions - Benelux & France
Family-owned textile producer seeks expansion through acquisition of home textile design and logistics companies, sales 10-50 million €, located in France or Benelux.
Businesses 10-50 million
FK5631 Garment Industry Acquisitions - Global
Asian client is interested in acquiring high quality undergarment manufacturers worldwide.
Businesses N/A
FK5632 Hotel Acquisition 4-5 star - Europe
European Fashion Group seeks to acquire a 4 to 5 star hotel, 70-100 rooms in Paris, London, Milan, Rome. Top locations.
Property (Hotel) 15-50 million