Below is a list of current projects, for which either investors or strategic partners for development or marketing are sought.

Code Offer / description Principle seeks Investment
AA5602 DNA sequencing laboratory - Germany
A European specialized molecular biology R&D and services company with a broad spectrum of high-quality, state-of-the-art genomic and related services and products for clients such as large pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, private and public research institutions. A small and highly profitable company with granted patents of its own technology.
Investor 40 million €
TB5603 Development laboratory for medical technology - Israel
Absolutely novel and revolutionary system for invasive cardiovascular treatment. Product has large potential worldwide. Successful clinical trial. Approx. 6 months before market launch.
Investor or
marketing partner
TB5604 Portable precision scales for diamonds
Completely novel product for diamond and jewelery industry. Portable precision scales for weighing, counting and sorting diamonds. Patented product for world market without competitors.
Investor or
Marketing partner
TB5605 Leading medical technology company - Israel
Medical technology company specialized in the development, manufacture, and marketing of medical devices for physician's offices and hospitals. Leading player in the global osteoporosis diagnosis market. research and development headquarters in Israel and regional subsidiaries in Europe, Asia, and the United States.
Investor or
marketing partner
PR5712 Leading business directory - Switzerland
Internet portal with the most comprehensive "Yellow Pages" in Switzerland. All companies in Switzerland with entries in communication and trading register are listed. State-of-the-art IT infrastructure with in-house data maintenance. Operational call-center for subscription sales. Large potential for development and marketing.
Investor or
marketing partner
3-4 million CHF
PR5713 Internationally renowned fashion label
Internationally renowned fashion label. Garments, accessories and fragrances. Worldwide sales.
Investor 40 million €
FK5715 Clothing Producer, Outerwear & Sportswear - France
A highly profitable, well-established mid to upper market privately-owned designer and distributor of men's and women's garments (manufacturing outsourced).
Investor 70 million €
FK5716 Clothing Producer, Nightwear - France
A designer and marketer of pajamas, dressing gowns, etc., positioned at the top-of-the-range, profitable with good distribution and potential for growth (manufacturing outsourced).
Investor 4 million €
FK5717 Clothing Producer, Children’s Mid-Market - France
Profitable international group with turnover in excess of € 200 million. Owners seek consolidation financing.
Investor 20 million € for 30% of the company
FK5718 Clothing Manufacturer, Brand Names - France
This profitable Group is in a leading position on the French and European markets in the manufacture and logistics for exclusive brands in men's clothing.
Investor 15 million €
FK5719 Fashion House, Men's Clothing - Italy
Family-run fashion house producing classically elegant men's clothing. High growth, high profitability, seeks minority shareholder to fund international expansion.
Investor 60 million €
FK5720 Fashion House, Luxury Segment -South Europe
This profitable fashion house serves wealthy customers in company-owned boutiques in South Europe and Florida as well as through world-wide distributors.
Investor 10 million €
FK5721 Specialist in Working Clothes, Corporate Fashion for Sale
An innovative specialist in Switzerland has acquired an outstanding position among the administrative bodies, unions and large-scale enterprises with its comprehensive services in the field of working clothes. The sectors of security, transport facilities, large-scale distributors, gastronomy as well as business clothing build the typical customer segments. In close cooperation with the internal units of major customers 50 employees in Switzerland ensure the realization of creative concepts (combination of corporate identity, aesthetics, functionality and quality) in respect of delivery punctuality and price. For the design, the logistics as well as the administration of customer data, the company benefits from newest hardware and software as well as from world-wide networking with efficient partner companies for procurement and production. Interesting synergy potentials could emerge particularly in combination with an internationally operating competitor. The fast-growing company achieves a turnover in 2004 and is profitable. The sales price of 100% is dependent on the type of take-over.
Investor 5-7.5 million €
(without real estate)
FK5722 Tourism Project, Alpine - Caucasus Mountains - Russia
Leading Swiss Alpine tourism family is developing an Alpine resort in the Krasnaya Poliana region of the Caucasus Mountains. Located 70 km from the leading Black Sea resort of Sochi, the project offers year-round tourism potential.
Investor 7.5 million €
FK5723 Tourism Developments - Patagonian Andes, Argentina & Chile
Co-investment with the founders in 3 Argentine Patagonian livestock operations and 3 natural domains in Chilean Patagonia for tourist development. Total planned, investment is US$ 10 million. Owners seek co-investor for US$ 8 million.
Investor 8 million U$
FK572 Mid Market Hotels - France
Portfolio of small hotels in France for sale.
Investor 3-10 million €
FK5725 Commercial Estate, Tuscany - Italy
A 1’200 hectare estate comprising a hotel, rental apartments, sporting facilities (golf, swimming pools, tennis) and vineyards.

Investor 12-15 million €
FK5726 Alpine Hotel Complex, Valais - Switzerland
Located in a top ski resort in the Valais Alps, this 2,600 sqm hotel & shopping complex with swimming pool & underground parking, is in its initial construction phase.
Investor 16 million CHF
FK5727 4 Star Alpine Hotel, Graubunden - Switzerland
Family-owned, 65 key hotel with 2 restaurants and excellent facilities. In a world-famous resort in the eastern Swiss Canton of Graubunden (Grisons).
Investor 10-15 million CHF
FK5728 5 Star Alpine Hotel, Valais - Switzerland
Located in a well-known summer I winter resort in the Valais Alps, this 30 room hotel also has spa facilities.
Investor 10.5 million CHF
FK5730 Satellite TV Channel, Special Interest - Europe
Operators of special interest satellite TV channel, near completion, seek majority investor.
Investor 4 million €
FK5731 Cork Manufacturer - Iberia
Leading, high quality family-owned bottle cork producer seeks a capital increase partner. International clientele in 65 countries.
Investor 25 million €
FK5732 Wine, Haut Medoc Cru Bourgeois Superieur - Bordeaux, France
Excellent value production with upward potential. Château and vineyard facilities in perfect condition. Wine getting high Parker note. Current owner will work under contract for up to 3 years.
Investor 7.5 million €
FK5733 Watch Producer, Mid-Market - Europe
Well-established, very profitable, family-owned watch designer & distributor for sale. Dominant market share in mid-market watch segment.
Investor 19 million €
FK5734 Cosmetics Company -Western Europe
Two personal hygiene business lines each operating in a different national market, one of which is highly profitable and the other suffering from over-capacity. Owner seeks to sell either the loss-making division or the entire business.
Investor 48 million €
FK5735 Wine, St. Emilion Grand Cru - Bordeaux, France
Conservative family-run wine Chateau. Considerable potential for improvement on low profitability through technical and financial modernization.
Investor 6.2 million €
FK5736 Wine, St. Emilion Grand Cru - Bordeaux, France
Prestigious wine property for sale or partnership. Profitable with realistic upward potential to "ler Grand Cru" (the next St. Emilion re-classification is in 2006).
Investor 32 million €
FK5737 Winery - Mendoza, Argentina
With an ideal altitude and location in the Mendoza valley, this family-owned winery has new production facilities and quality brands. Profitable with upward production potential.
Investor 6 million U$
FK5738 Watch & Jewelry Group - France & Switzerland
Luxury Group with two principal brands (manufacturers) established in France and Switzerland. Women's watches & jewelry and men's watches. Seeks to sell majority stake.
Investor 14 million CHF
FK5739 Watch Manufacturer, Luxury Segment - South Europe
Well-established, profitable French brand with Swiss manufacture. Top market positioning, principally in Middle East. Majority sale.
Investor 12 million €
FK5740 Boat maintenance company - Switzerland
Swiss boat maintenance company which acts also as a sales representative of top brands is looking for a co-investor.
Investor 2 million CHF
FK5741 Aviation Company -Western Europe
Specialized in air-to-air photography, the owners of this profitable, privately held company seek a minority (possible majority) investor.
Investor 4.5 million €
FK5742 Aircraft Acquisition
A leading aviation industry technical support company seeks capital to create an Aircraft Acquisition Fund. The firm will exploit its position to purchase used aircraft at below market price, refurbish them and lease them back to industry.
Investor 50 million U$
FK5743 Silica Mine, High Grade - Brazil
Brazilian estate has a surveyed deposit of 70 million tons of up to 99.987% pure silicon dioxide (quartzite). European family owners seek to sell to a developer and operator.
Investor N/A
FK5744 Power Plant, Biomass Technology - Germany
Construction and operation of a private 20MW biomass power plant with a Government guaranteed income I stream. Annual 10% return over 20 years.
Investor 17 million €
FK5745 Timber-Plant - Africa
The owners of some 5 million hectares of exploitable forest (utilization licenses) and several mills located in 2 western equatorial African countries are looking for a co-investor for up to 50% of the shares.
Investor 100 million €
FK5746 Spring Water Bottling Plant
A bottling company in Croatia with a capacity of 20l/sec., excellent water quality and 400'000 sqm of real estate is looking for a co-investor.
Investor 8 million €
FK5747 Growth Finance for an established international Generic Drugs and Medical Diagnostics Company
The company was established in the late eighties and was mostly active in trading and distribution of hospital & Pharma laboratory supplies. Since 2003 it manufactures and sells generic pharmaceuticals (both OTC and Prescription) as well as medical diagnostic tests under own trade name and under private labeling to distributors in the USA, Middle East, Europe and to some big pharma companies in the USA. The current products and the cGMP production facilities are FDA approved. The company has build-up considerable scientific competences and managed its pharma start-up years without external funds. The company has chosen to accelerate growth by filing several Abbreviated New Drug Applications (ANDA's) during the third quarter 2004 for three generics products currently in in-house development, yielding potential annual sales of at least USD 3.0m to 4.0m (approx. CHF 3.9m to 5.2m) each. The objective for 2005 is the filing of further 8 ANDA's. FDA approval for such filings takes from 6 to 8 months. The Company aims to get listed within the next 12 months. In 2004 the Company will reach very attractive growth per year and net profits reaching a level of 25%. The Company invites investors to join and participate in its growth.
Investor 3-5 million U$
FK5748 Food Specialities Company - Western Europe
A market leader in condiments & sauce sector, the company seeks a minority investor to consolidate its position and expand into Asia. Highly profitable.
Investor 54 million U$
FK5749 Asset Manager & Broker - Switzerland
Leading investment counseling 1 management firm & brokerage (AUM CHF 1.3 billion) seeking active large minority partner to develop institutional portfolio.
Investor N/A
FK5750 Insurance Company, Direct Online - Europe
A regulated and registered underwriter and broker in four key European markets. Experienced management, following an MBO, seeks a majority investor to fund expansion.
Investor 10 million €
FK5751 Private Bank - Latvia (Riga)
Small private Bank, active in the trade finance sector, seeks a 50% investment partner to finance a MBO. All licenses up-to-date and in good standing.
Investor 7.5 million €
FK5752 Private Bank - Zurich (Switzerland)
A Zurich private bank (own banking license) with brokerage activities is seeking a successor. The assets under management would be taken out by the current owner.
Investor N/A