We are happy to advise smaller and medium-sized companies about all aspects of their strategic alignment, especially with respect to personnel, technology or communication. The personal experience of our consultants and a smoothly operating network of specialized partners that has been built up over many years give us a lot of room for maneuver.

We assist and advise Swiss and international companies about establishing a legal representation or a company headquarters in Switzerland. We act or administer under a fiduciary mandate: from the establishment of a company through finding suitable infrastructure to recruitment of personnel. Thanks to the synergies with our investment and corporate finance division, we have an excellent insight into the process of technical and scientific innovation in industry. We advise companies about their strategic orientation and development and help to find investment or marketing partners , on a basis that is profitable and sustainable for all participants.

Our marketing consultants are qualified and with a broad network of contacts with specialists. They are thus able to successfully implement almost any communication objective. And in cases where our own marketing power is not enough, we can achieve the breakthrough with the aid of strategic partnerships.